Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Stomach Bug

There once was a stomach bug that snuck into my place
It was stealth like and shrewd while it plotted its chase

With its keen little plan it lurked in the dark
As my daughter played Barbies, she’d become its mark

A noise from the family room that sounded not right
Which one of the three was now starting a fight?

“What’s wrong? What happened? What did you spill?”
 “I said not to much. You don’t over-fill....”

Sweet mother! Holy crap! That’s not milk, juice or kool-aid
but a pool of vomit she’s spewed and sprayed

“Oh baby! What happened? I didn’t know you felt sick”
Was this a joke or some evil, unwanted trick?

The vomit was everywhere, webbed in her toes
her hair and her bankies, then it came across my nose

That smell made me urge, I could taste it in my mouth
“Sweet mother of pear!”, I wanted to shout

I gagged and I spit, then admitted defeat
there’s nothing normal about food that’s meshed to your feet.

I took one for the team as I cleaned up the puddles
while my daughter dry-heaved in between Mommy cuddles

It’s violent and harsh, but its stay is brief
yet, with two other children it leaves little relief

This bug was now hiding, in the cracks and the walls
Smirking and snicerking as the Locke Family falls

Have pity, take mercy for I will fight til the end
as I've no interest in cleaning fluids from either end.

I bid you farewell, with a cramp in my tummy
So unfair, this really bites, cause who takes care of Mummy?

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